Smart Dimmable Light Switch

A Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer Light Switch that allows you to control lighting from your smartphone or by voice using a smart speaker. Dimmable LED/Halogen/Incandescent Bulbs, Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant/IFTTT, Remote Control, Single-Pole, Neutral Wire Required

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Model: ZS150

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Control lighting with voice.

The ZON Smart Light Switch is a WiFi connected standard light switch that allows you to control your lighting with your voice with a Google or Alexa Assistant device. Easily replace any standard light switch.

Single Pole

A single pole standard wiring. Includes the load wire, hot wire, neutral wire, and ground wire. 

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Monitor Power Consumption

Record energy consumption of each bulb to monitor energy and keep  the electric bill down.


Control it with Voice

This smart dimmable light switch is voice enabled. You can set it up with Alexa or Google Voice Assistant to control any device with voice. When using an Alexa or Google voice device just say “Alexa” or  “Hey, Google” to control lights, devices, and more.

Learn more about Alexa or Google Home Assistant.


Alexa and Google Voice Assistant enabled

Dimming control via Voice Assistant or Smartphone App

2.4GHz Wi-Fi support. No hub required to setup

Simple setup with the ZON  App on IOs & Android

Set scenes for daytime or nighttime devise automation

Multi-room easy lighting setup via the ZŌN Smart-Home App

Schedule daytime off or nighttime dimming mood

Monitor energy to save by automating and scheduling


Unique Features

• Control Smart Switch via Smartphone or Voice Assistant
• Dimmable LED/Halogen/Incandescent Bulbs
• Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant
• Wi-Fi Connectivity with no hub required


FCC IC: 24571-DS01

Power & Connectivity

Input Voltage: 120VAC/60Hz
Max Power: 400W
Wireless Frequency: 2.4GHz
Wireless Standard: IEEE802.11 b/g/n
Support System: Android 4.1 or above iOS 8.0 or above
Max Output: 400W INC , 150W CFL, 150W LED

In the Box

• 1X ZON Wi-Fi Smart Dimmable Light Switch
• 1X User Manual

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