Smart should be simple!

Let’s make your home connected!

Smart Products

We manufacture simple connected products that makes any home smart. With Zon Products your home can be controlled by voice, smartphone, or automatically by interconnecting devices that make life more accessible, safe and secure. Our products are easy to install and set-up using one app. Allowing customers to turn their home into a voice controllable home.

Hands-free help in every room.

ZON Micro Assiant is a smart speaker with the Google Assistant built in. So whenever you need help, just say “Hey Google”

Control lighting with voice.

The ZON Smart Light Switch is a WiFi connected standard light switch that allows you to control your lighting with your voice with a Google or Alexa Assistant device. Easily replace any standard light switch.

Smart Home Ideas

So easy to to install that you can setup your home smart in one afternoon.
See how your home can be smart. It all starts with ideas.

Build Your Own Smart Home

Take the ZON DIY Smart Home Survey to find out the type of smart home devices you need to make your home smart. We will send you a custom report with a list of product per room.

All of our products can be set-up using one APP and you can install them in one afternoon.